I usually try to keep at least one machine-focused project going at the same time that I have at least one hand-work project going. That way, when I get tired with one -- or physically challenged -- I can switch to the other.  Here's my current machine work -- 

I don't know yet exactly what I'm going to do with it -- how big it'll be or how  I'm going to join all the squares -- but I do know that I want to keep the squares, and in their various sizes -- so we'll see ... 

I really am enjoying the fine-line piecing. It's tedious and slow, but fun. The plaids are left over from the plaid shirts I used to make the cityscape quilt titled "Virgo."

Here's the handwork I'm currently working on -- a twin-sized quilt titled "Nautica" --

I do love to execute some free-flowing lines of big-stitch quilting.  It's sorta my Zen thing.

I'm leaving tomorrow morning to drive out to my daughter Coulter's studio in Water Valley, Mississippi -- YaloRun Textiles -- to teach a workshop on Rail Fence Quilts.  I look forward to working with Coulter and to meeting new students. 

A little Rail Fence piece I made the last time I visited YaloRUN.