My Gracie Bee floor frame for quilting arrived today!  For a while now I'd been yearning for one of these, and I finally broke down and bought one. I'm thinking that if I wind up not enjoying it, I can always pass it off to daughter for her studio, where group quilting bees might be very much a thing. But I'm gonna give it a good try first.  

I used to have a floor frame -- years and years ago -- but it never was a very well constructed one -- or maybe the problem was with me -- and I finally gave it away. Settling into an easy chair with a hoop frame certainly has its appeal, but after a few frustrations with hoop wonkiness, and the inherent problem of not being able to see the whole quilt while the quilt is hooped, I decided to try the floor frame again.

Obviously, I've already started to put the thing together. The hardest part so far has been getting all the parts outta that long, skinny box!

Oh, that vintage top draped over the chair in the background is slated to be the Gracie Bee guinea pig quilt.  Okay -- if you prefer "inaugural" ...  But don't hold your breath, 'cause I plan on finishing a couple of other projects before I attack the Gracie Bee in earnest. Stay tuned.